Beat the February attestation deadline with MUM

Don't rush - call us! Meaningful Use Monitor takes the pain out of your yearly attestation.

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With MUM, you can:

  • Avoid the hassle of pulling key people from their regular jobs to handle batch attestation
  • Beat the February deadline -- MUM can do 100s of attestations in the time it takes to do one manually
  • Rest easy – MUM automatically submits your attestations for you

You only answer a few yes/no questions, MUM does the rest

All your staff has to do is simple answer a few yes/no questions. MUM grabs data from your EHR, then does all the calculating, compliance regulations, projections, and more. It even automatically takes payments and calculates penalties.

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Reading this guide should be called the “Million Dollar Hour.” Written for busy executives, this guide shows you and your staff how to breeze through meaningful use audits – and their 7-figure+ financial ramifications.

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Meaningful Use Monitor covers all your bases

Meaningful Use Monitor’s three facets cover everything you need for efficient, accurate attestation without all the confusion.

  • Compliance Database

    Helps you track compliance, view action items for individual physicians, track eligible amounts for each provider and much more. We offer free EHR integration, and we'll even develop a custom interface for your EHR if one doesn't currently exist.

  • Mock Audit

    The only way to know you’re ready for an audit is to have one. MUM’s mock audit, similar to an audit by Figliozzi & Co. (the company chosen by CMS to perform meaningful use audits), provides a secure documentation portal/checklist that clearly shows your readiness for an audit.

  • Meaningful Use Guru and Online Portal

    Get answers to all your meaningful use questions with live help from our meaningful use gurus. Answers are always in writing, with citations from U.S. government regulations. Our exclusive online portal gives you access to all the regulations, updates and FAQs as well as online videos and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Don't get stuck paying someone else's penalties!

That new doctor may be a great addition to your staff, but if she can’t attest for a previous year, guess who’s stuck paying her penalties. That’s right – you. With MUM, we track and communicate attestation histories for every doctor, every year, no matter where they go. That way, you’re protected.